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Release Date: April 15 2018

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Album Reviews

The opening track, All These Scars is a catchy rocker with elements of Nirvana and Husker Du mixed with The Clash! The superb Superstitious just oozes hooks and melody with a great vocal and ‘punch the air’ atmosphere.

Punk Online

A refreshing rip roaring melody. That reminds everyone there’s still a place for classic punk/ alt rock.

Bad Ass Productions

Today’s featured band certainly has a firm grasp on their genre and does a splendid job of blending punk with a touch of garage rock and maybe a hint of rockabilly but at the same time making it relevant

Northwest Music Scene


1. All These Scars
2. Superstitious
3. 4-3-2-1
4. Find a Way
5. Caution Meet Wind
6. Towne Crier
7. ...and the Stars
8. Overload
9. Seattle Traffic
10. Circles and Squares
11. Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt!

About Album

The new record has been a blast to make and all of the hard work has paid off. The album sounds amazing and is absolutely stunning looking. Limited to 300 pressings on antifreeze-green vinyl, the album can be ordered here: Sasquatch by The Finger Guns <<<– Sent directly to your home or lair!

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Get your copy of Sasquatch at the following Northwest locations. More to come shortly.