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Release Date: July 26, 2019

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Album Reviews

"The Blowsy EP is able to shine as bright as it does because of the masterful production. Each note, bass line, drum fill and guitar solo is able to shine alone or as part of a greater whole. These five tracks are some of the crispest and cleanest punk we’ve ever heard, and it does not come at the cost of The Finger Guns’ soul."

Neufutur Magazine

"Punk. Rock. THE FINGER GUNS. Can’t we just get along? Nope. Not until you rock out like there’s no tomorrow. With the vital essence of The Sex Pistols, the vibe and the thriving anti-social qualms are replaced with positive ambience and rhetoric. And it’s good timing, for we all need that little jolt of confidence in tackling that bad bad world out there, another day. Energy, excellence, punk-fun. THE FINGER GUNS know what’s up. And they know what time it is. It’s time to rock, so get out the boat if you’re not willing to rock it. The Seattle based band is here, ready to do it. "


1. Talking with Owls
2. 9.99 Quesadilla
3. Go Away
4. Anti Bursts
5. No Reason to Stay Awake
6. Til The Dawn

About Album

‘Blowsy’ is the next chapter in this Punk Rock trio’s career.

The Finger Guns aren’t pulling any punches with this one. Blowsy is an all-out rocking album reminiscent to the classics such as The Sex Pistols and a less-pop version of The Ramones.

Tracks such as ‘9.99 Quesadilla’ and ‘Go Away’ demonstrate the band’s anti-establishment mentality and fierce Punk attitude, while other songs such as ‘No Reason To Stay Awake’ offers a wide variety of melodies and a more melancholic vibe. Blowsy is more than your average punk rock album, as it offers more than just power-chords backed by a bunch of yelling.

The vocals are well thought out, the riffs have many different flavors to them (like a cheesy quesadilla with guac and sour cream) and the drums blend in perfectly. The Finger Guns will be firing on all cylinders this year with the release of Blowsy.