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A Double EP

Release Date: November 11, 2013

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1. Fighting Storms
2. Camaro Rock
3. Dingo
4. This Gun is Mine
5. Alone
6. The Claw
7. Life
8. Mailbox Baseball
9. You Are My TV
10. Would You Buy Me Beer
11. Raining Nickels

About Album

The Finger Guns new release, “A Double EP” features 11 high energy songs. Their unique set of influences brought out songs that has a sensibility that spans decades. Slices of 80’s punk, sprinkles of 90’s rock, and spatters of 00’s songscapes to make up a big steaming batch of awesome.

Featuring a line-up of veteran Seattle musicians including Eric Chapman (Big Splash Champion, Kingpin Hayes) on drums, Arthur Hagman (Pinehurst Kids, Luna Park, The Sun-Ups) on bass and Steve Bergstrom (Dapper Jones) on vocals and guitar, The Finger Guns are here to bring their unique brand of catchy punk rock straight to your earholes.

Their live show is incendiary, featuring pounding drums and bass, a buzz saw guitar and straight-from-the-heart vocal delivery and 3 musicians that know people paid to get into the show aren’t interested in watching a band stand around staring at their shoes. These guys flat-out rock.

Recorded over the last couple years at Georgetown’s hit factory Earwig Studio with Don Farwell, The Finger Guns sought to capture a live presence without conceding quality or performance.