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9.99 Quesadilla

9.99 Quesadilla

Release Date: December 14 2018

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The Finger Guns blend together Green Jelly with NoFX to make for something eminently catchy with their latest single $9.99 Quesadilla. The vocals whip in hints of the Descendants and Rise Against. Intense guitars, splashy drums, and a perfect bass line unite to make something that could hang right alongside The Ramones or Social Distortion. Just like a good quesadilla, there’s a tremendous amount of material stuck between the beginning and end of the effort. We’d love to hear more from The Finger Guns in the future, as they are one of the few acts that are keeping traditional punk music alive. We’ll be playing $9.99 Quesadilla throughout the winter.

NeuFutur Magazine

Seattle Rock Trio The Finger Guns have released a brand new single called, “$9.99 Quesadilla.” If these bands are bands you like; The Gaslight Anthem, Social Distortion or Red City Radio, then this band can be added to that list of bands for yourself too. And even if you’re a fan of rock, this could be something for you, if not, still check out this new single!

Seattle band The Finger Guns dropped a single called $9.99 Quesadilla. The humorous track is both a truth and a metaphor: “The bottom line is that it is fricking ridiculous that a restaurant would charge that for something with two simple and cheap ingredients. The metaphor part is that we should all rise up against things that we see are wrong. Either way, never pay $10 for two tortillas and a handful of cheese.” Loyal to their vision and sound, The Finger Guns use amusing, clever imagery as a call to action, while keeping it relatable, fun and light. Have a listen to the laughable song.

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1. 9.99 Quesadilla


9.99 Quesadilla

Seriously? Tortillas are like $.50 and a fistful of cheese.
How do you justify high prices oh tell me please.
Oh tell me cheese!

Put it on the grill and just let it go.
Less than 2 minutes and you are ready to roll.

$9.99 Quesadilla

And I want sour cream with that!

$9.99 Quesadilla

And I want some guac!

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Fight the high prices of overpriced quesadillas with our fight song. Let’s GO!